Why Gut180?

So what’s the big deal about your gut?

Well, everything starts and happens there. When we say “everything”, we mean weight gain, food cravings, diseases, sleep patterns, allergies, mood swings, conditions, etc.

Gut 180 is focused on health from the inside out. We’ve created habit-based lifestyle coaching to enable people to successfully achieve their health goals. It is very common to hear people say, ” I know what I need to do…., I just don’t do it/can’t stick to it”.

Gut 180 is specifically designed to be that accountability factor that is missing from most people’s game plan when it comes to making lifestyle changes!

“As a coach, Kit has an amazing ability to be a strong positive force as well as be approachable and understanding. I always walked away with a plan that we collaborated on but also challenged me. Thanks Kit!” – Lindsay

“Kit is a great motivator and a powerful force.” -Robyn