Gut 180

So what’s the big deal about your gut? Well, everything starts and happens there. When we say “everything”, we mean weight gain, food cravings, diseases, sleep patterns, allergies, mood swings, conditions, etc.

Gut 180 is focused on health from the inside out. They’ve created habit-based lifestyle coaching to enable people to successfully achieve their health goals. It is very common to hear people say, ” I know what I need to do…., I just don’t do it/can’t stick to it”. Gut 180 is specifically designed to be that accountability factor that is missing from most people’s game plan when it comes to making lifestyle changes!

The Team

Since 2009, many brilliant health care providers in very specific disciplines have helped Kit on her path to optimal gut health. She is excited to share them with you. Their expertise falls into the following categories.

Chiropractic Care with a Functional Approach
Natural Living Guru
Healthy Home Expert
Nutrition Response Testing
Personal Trainer


“Kit makes working on your health fun, exciting, and interesting. She is constantly learning and if she doesn’t have an answer right away, she will find out for you.” Jan

“Kit personalized her coaching to fit my personal needs and then offered the support I needed to reach my goals. She brought her sense of humor and good nature to her coaching and guidance and made me feel comfortable.” Eric

Kit Neubauer of Gut180A lifelong athlete and personal trainer, Kit began being symptomatic over the course of one year. After numerous un-diagnoses, Kit took her health into her own hands and began a life-long pursuit of gut education. A six-year journey uncovered what was ailing her and a realization of what the root cause of her symptoms were versus the typical pursuit of troubleshooting physical ailments as they arise. This discovery has lead to a comprehensive program designed around the gut.

A degree in personal training, she is also NCSF, NASM CPT certified, an AIS specialist, and a metabolic specialist. In her role as CEO of Gut 180, she is a leading health and wellness coach.