Habit Based Lifestyle Coaching with Kit

30 Minute Phone Introduction


  • We will discuss what it is you are looking for/
    wanting to change about your health/lifestyle and determine if we will be a good fit for each other.
  • If I feel your needs are outside of my scope of practice, I will help refer you to someone who can help you.

Initial Consult with history

$125 for 60-75 minutes with follow up
$75 for 60-75 minutes without follow up

  • Detailed Assessment
  • Determine what your goals are and assess your
    motivation for making lifestyle changes
  • Provide resources and handouts
  • My Recommendations/next steps (Labs, elimination diet, Identifying triggers, ridding Home/Body of toxins, Food Journal, supplements, etc)
  • E-mail recapping Initial Consult
  • E-mail Support

1 Month Intensive

$120 for 4 Sessions ( $30/Session)

  • Four 30 minute Weekly Check in Sessions

3 Month Habit Based Overhaul

$300 for 12 Sessions ($25/Session)

  • Twelve 30 Minute Weekly Check in Sessions in Months 1-3

6 Month Lifestyle Transition

$360 for 18 Sessions ($20/Session)

  • Twelve 30 Minute Weekly Check in Sessions in Months 1-3 and four 30 Minute Check in Sessions every 2 Weeks in Months 4-6

Additional Services

  • Established Patient Follow Up
  • Kitchen Evaluation/Raid
  • Home Evaluation/Walk Thru to¬†Identify Toxic Products
  • Grocery Tours
  • Lab Testing (Referred Out)
  • Recipes
  • Wellness/Green Living Seminar

Habit Based Lifestyle Coaching that Includes a Health Evaluation of:

  • Kit Neubauer of Gut180Nutritional Habits– allows us to understand where your strengths and challenges are
  • Weight Loss– if weight loss is your goal, it will be important for us to understand your past experience -successes and challenges and also to help identify roadblocks from seeing results
  • Sleep Patterns– this tells us how in sync your body/hormones/health really are and how your body is communicating with itself
  • Stress– this will be an important conversation topic because it can be responsible for numerous underlying health issues/concerns
  • Hormone Function– many people fail to realize how their body is functioning internally can have one of the biggest impacts on seeing desired results. Nutrition can play a key role in helping in this area
  • Carb/sugar addiction– Food addictions are your body’s way of telling you something-we just need to figure out what that is. It can be a clear sign of gut function, weight, food sensitivities, gut permeability (Leaky Gut), Candida, etc.
  • Toxin Exposure– This can affect every area of health including, asthma, migraines, hormonal imbalances, mood, weight (Obesogens), fertility, cancers, etc.

I cannot tell you how beyond blessed I am to have you!


...dedicated to your clients and truly care about their success.


Kit is a great motivator and a powerful force.

Happy Clients
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