“Kit is a hardworking health professional and she takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs. She is patient, compassionate, and a great partner in your health journey”
~ Mercedes

” I cannot tell you how beyond blessed I am to have you!”
~ Amanda

“…dedicated to your clients and truly care about their success”
~ Andi

” I have lost 40lbs…Kit was the difference for me. What she brought to the table was intelligent discourse, encouragement, and well timed tips to keep me going…Kit helped me take my time to change in a meaningful way. We did it all over the phone…I strongly urge you to think about finding your way to great health habits using Kit to guide you.”
~ Tina

“Kit personalized her coaching to fit my personal needs and then offered the support I needed to reach my goals. She brought her sense of humor and good nature to her coaching and guidance and made me feel comfortable”
~ Eric

“Kit listened without judgement to my concerns and questions in regard to my health coaching needs. She was first and foremost, an educator who taught the reasons why, rather than just telling us what to do. That way we learned and grew on our own”
~ Sara

“Kit is a great motivator and a powerful force”
~ Robyn

“I reached out to Kit…I wanted to take back the control that Lupus has taken from me for 9 years. My health has never been better and I’m in control of my life. I have successfully managed my RA and other symptoms caused my Lupus without the use of steroids and have significantly reduced my medications! My energy levels and quality of sleep has increased. Working with Kit has been beyond amazing, it has been life changing…she is an amazing resource”
~ Srey

” if you want a person who understands what you need to do, then Kit is for you…her knowledge is unparalleled”
~ Nancy

“Kit makes working on your health fun, exciting, and interesting. She is constantly learning and if she doesn’t have an answer right away, she will find out for you”
~ Jan

“As a coach, Kit has an amazing ability to be a strong positive force as well as be approachable and understanding. I always walked away with a plan that we collaborated on but also challenged me. Thanks Kit!”
~ Lindsey